If you have recently started a handmade business and are dreaming of taking your social media, photography, or website construction to the next level, I’m here to help! This package includes multiple meetings, each with a specific focus for growing your business.



With multiple forms of social media, it’s hard to know where to focus, how to link them and how to maximize your limited time (because you need to spend your time MAKING your products). From instagram to Pinterest, I’ll help you create a brand image through these mediums and others get you on the right track to grow your brand and reach. Finding your voice and how you want to caption your posts and describe your products online will also be covered.



With a few simple and helpful photography tips and finding an ideal location in your home or studio for a consistent feed and brand image, we will get you feeling empowered when it comes to driving your photography needs to help grow your business. Not everyone can afford a professional photographer for all photos and sometimes it’s just not convenient to need someone else to take your shots. I will help you learn how to take consistent photos on your phone (I have gotten my brand to where it is today without the expensive cost of a DSLR and you can too) that elevates your brand and empowers you to grow your reach through quality photos and a consistent brand image.



If you are looking to leave a service like etsy and create a website, but don’t have a clue how to start, I’m here to help! Our third meeting will be to get your website started and teach you how to use the Canadian Shopify platform to launch your goods into the next level and truly elevate your brand. We will create a website that represents your desired brand image and cover website SEO. You’ll leave this final meeting with the understanding of maneuvering the platform to maintain your own website, be ready and know how to ship your goods world wide, plus combining the knowledge from our previous lessons; update photography that’s consistent and sharp, and social media to get potential buyers to find your new online website and brand.


Sound dreamy? Then be sure to sign up STAT. This package will have limited availability, and really, your dream can’t wait anymore.


Introductory Rate $299 cdn and accepted applicants will be invoiced electronically.

Limited applications will be accepted and you must be within Winnipeg (for now).


Serious applicants please fill out this SURVEY to apply.