K A T E + N O R A H   C O.   F A Q ' S

Can I change or cancel my order after I make it?
We begin making your order as soon as we receive it, therefore all sales are final and cannot be exchanged or canceled at anytime. This ensures you can trust you are always receiving a new, never used, product. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.
When will my order be shipped/be ready for pick up?
Most orders are ready in 2-4 weeks from order date.
Please order well in advance when gifting.
Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.
Are your products washable?
Yes, all products are natural fabric and washable. We provide care instructions on each item and always recommend spot treatment or hand washing.
What size of Tent should I order?
Ultimately, that has to be determined by you. Each Tent listing has size and use details to help you determine which size while suit you best. If you still can't choose, send us an email and we're sure we can help.
What is the difference in pillow sizes?
Our sofa size is the typical pillow size you'd use in the living room on a sofa, also a great throw pillow on a bed. Our euro size is large enough for a queen size bed (as shown above), and our lumbar size is great for behind your back in a dining or reading chair. Measurements are all in the pillow listings.