Hello and thank you so much for wanting to know more about this brand, the story behind it, and the family it impacts.

I am Jenni Robins, maker and creator of Kate + Norah Co. I am a wife, mother, teacher and maker. I have always loved to make things, a simple act that brings such satisfaction, and when my girls were born nothing could have been more true. I made a lot of things for Emily Katherine but when Isabelle Norah arrived (now you know where the name comes from) I began making with the intention of bringing my girls together to help grow their sisterly bond. 

I wanted a tent that was ecoconsious, minimal, and of heirloom quality. Since I couldn't find what I wanted, I made it instead. That lead to pillows, tote bags, catch alls and the rest is history.

Being a maker is never easy, I do every part of running this small handmade project. This website, all social media and everything I offer for sale, I make in my home studio with gratitude. Making for you is always something I am deeply grateful for. Every purchase you make impacts my family directly, making it a little easier for me to stay home with them and continue to put them first. All mud cloth purchases also directly impact the makers and their communities where I get my fabric from, not to mention all the Canadian suppliers I get my wood, wood beads, ceramics, leather, and cotton fabric from. Shopping local and small may seem small, but the impacts are big.

Remember handmade takes time and I’m a mother first. Your order will take up to 4-6 weeks to ship and I’m not responsible for shipper’s delays.

Thank you!