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A pillow with a purpose.


Too many of us have been shamed for feeding our newborns in public. Too many of us have been treated differently simply because of our breast size.

I really hope my girls won’t have to experience the isolation I did, and so many of us have, when they’re grown and raising littles of their own. I hope by then it’s illegal to ask a nursing woman to use the washroom to feed her baby. I hope it’s uncommon for facilities to NOT exist for nursing women in public, in restaurants, in movie theaters and more.

Without saying a word, this pillow says all of that sitting in your waiting room or office. Only together will we posses the power in a man’s world to change the world for women.

(Approx. 20"x 20”)


Spot treat or hand wash, lay flat to dry. Colour may fade slightly when washed.


Made with natural fibers and water-based, non-toxic paint.